• Stem Cells Can Convert to Liver Tissue, Help Restore Damaged Organ
    Bone marrow stem cells, when exposed to damaged liver tissue, can quickly convert into healthy liver cells and help repair the damaged organ, according to new research from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. In mouse-tissue cultures, scientists found that stem cells, ...More
    June 2, 2004 Posted in News, Disorders, Industry Issues
  • New Campaign Urges Patients to Speak Up for Safer Surgery
    CINCINNATI -- As surgical infections and medical errors continue to receive attention and scrutiny in the U.S., patients are becoming more involved than ever before in the decisions that affect their care. To help fill the need for more patient education, Ethicon ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in News, Industry Issues
  • Zelnorm Safety and Efficacy Demonstrated in Largest Studies Ever Conducted in Chronic Constipation
    NEW ORLEANS -- Results from the two largest multinational studies conducted in the research of chronic constipation demonstrated Zelnorm®(tegaserod maleate) was significantly more effective than placebo in relieving the multiple symptoms patients suffer most -- straining, ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in News, Disorders, Industry Issues, Procedures
  • Focus on Learning
    In this era of shortages in many areas of healthcare staffing, recruitment is becoming an ongoing affair, because organizations often find it hard to retain the staff that they hire. Given this high turnover and mounting economic pressures, some healthcare organizations are ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Disorders
  • Choosing Between Dialdehyde and Peracetic Acid Chemistries for Endoscope Reprocessing
    The manager of an endoscopy department must consider many factors when deciding which reprocessing option is best for his or her endoscopy department. Three priorities must be observed in making decisions as to appropriate decontamination processes and practices: the safety ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Industry Issues, Procedures
  • Briefs
    Error Alert on Patient Confusion Regarding Ducolax Gastroenterology healthcare practitioners and community pharmacists should be aware that mixups between two common over-the-counter products may lead to improper preparation for colonoscopies. The Institute for Safe ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Disorders, Industry Issues, Procedures
  • Stool-based DNA Tests
    There are several options for early testing of colorectal cancer. But lack of patient acceptance makes many of these modalities less than ideal. Bowel preps. Diet restrictions. Laxatives. The list of items that seem deliberately designed for patient discomfort grows each ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Disorders, Industry Issues, Procedures
  • NAPS Receives Support
    Nurse-administered Propofol Sedation Gets Thumbs-Up from GI Heads On March 8, 2004, the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) issued a jointly sponsored ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Industry Issues, Procedures
  • Digest This
    Digest This Fun...What? It’s Called Nissen fundoplication, and It works! By Jenny Tipton Editor’s note: Jenny Tipton wrote “A Patient’s Perspective” in the August 2002 issue of EndoNurse, detailing her battles with lactose intolerance, ulcers, erosions throughout her ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Disorders, Procedures
  • Escondido Surgery Center Endoscopy Team
    The Escondido Surgery Center is a multi-specialty outpatient surgery center with two endoscopy and four operating rooms. State licensed and Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations(JCAHO) certified, the center received the highest Joint Commission score ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Industry Issues