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Karin Lillis

Karin Lillis is managing editor of EndoNurse magazine and a contributing writer for Infection Control Today. She has more than 20 years of experience in health, news and business publishing-from community-based daily newspapers to clinical nursing and other magazines. She graduated from DeSales University with a degree in English/Communications.


New Product Helps Patients With Bowel-Prep Instructions

Educating patients about how to conduct a proper bowel prep for colonoscopy can be repetitive and frustrating. It’s common for GI staff members to spend lots of time explaining to a patient, hear them say they completely understand, and then wonder if the patient will follow the instructions.
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A New Look at Obesity

The tiny island of Nauru has a lot to teach people about the Western diet.
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Happy Holidays to You and Yours

Endo nurses and technicians deserve a great holiday season.
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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

We all enjoy the ease of our cell phones, and many of us have become reliant on smart phones, especially in the healthcare sector where convenience and access to information is vital. Not everyone, however, is convinced these devices are safe.
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Social Media Actually Makes Us More Social

Some people think it’s obvious that social media makes us more social, but others have warned that sitting in front of a computer is so isolating that it defeats the purpose of using social media. These people likely think of it as “anti-social media.” According to a recent study, one group is right.
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Stats on the GI/Endoscopy Market

Endoscopy nurses are focused on the clinical side of their professions, rightfully so, but it’s good to stay updated on the business of procedures and the industry at large as well.
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From the Inside Out: What Do Endo Nurses See?

Endoscopy nurses spend a lot of time looking at insides. It’s possible they spend as much time viewing insides as outsides, actually.
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