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Michelle Beaver

EndoNurse editor Michelle Beaver is a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She's won several state and national journalism awards, including a national first-place for in-depth reporting from the Scripps Howard Foundation. She has written for two wire services, several newspapers and magazines.

What's Your Biggest Challenge as an Endo Nurse?

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Recently, the EndoNurse team posted the following question to our readers: "What is your biggest challenge as an endoscopy professional?"

The choices were:

Not enough time in the day

Unrealistic expectations

Low budgets

Difficult colleagues

Poor access to education opportunities

Difficult administrators

Difficult patients

Any idea which was the most popular response? Take a minute to wager a guess ...

Surely it couldn't be "difficult patients." Endoscopy nurses often talk about how much they love their patients, so, indeed that can't be it. The most popular answer for biggest challenge is "not enough time in the day," which 27 percent of people selected. The complete list of answers follows:

Not enough time in the day: 27%

Unrealistic expectations: 22%

Low budgets: 20%

Difficult colleagues: 12%

Poor access to education opportunities: 11%

Difficult administrators: 6%

Difficult patients: 3%

Were you surprised at all by the results?


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