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Dr. Oz Exclaims Virtue of Bowel Prep; Says His Wasn't Good


OAK BROOK, Ill.—Endoscopy professionals who are perpetually irritated by the poor state of patient bowel preps now have an advocate: television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz. This month, Oz explained in a TIME magazine article how his poor bowel preparation prior to his colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer required him to undergo an early repeat exam after a polyp was found and how he then put off that repeat exam despite the recommendations of his doctor.

“Colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable cancers because the majority of colorectal cancers arise from precancerous growths in the colon called polyps, which can be found during a colonoscopy screening exam and removed before they turn into cancer,” said Gregory G. Ginsberg, MD, FASGE, president, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

“Prepping for colonoscopy is not fun,” Ginsberg said. “Like many Americans, Dr. Oz did not follow the preparation instructions carefully prior to his colonoscopy, so because his colon was not thoroughly cleaned, the exam was considered unsatisfactory and his doctor recommended that he return in three months, rather than several years, to repeat the exam in case other polyps were missed. We commend Dr. Oz for highlighting the importance of colorectal cancer screening and for encouraging patients to follow bowel preparation instructions and follow-up exam recommendations as directed. A quality preparation for colonoscopy and appropriate follow-up exams save lives.”

For more detailed information on bowel preparation and colonoscopy to share with your patients, see ASGE’s patient education brochures Understanding Bowel Preparation and Understanding Colonoscopy available here. To watch a video about what to expect before, during and after a colonoscopy, see ASGE’s colorectal cancer screening website here.

Source: ASGE

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