'Standardizing Procedures' Whitepaper Available for Free


ALPHARETTA, Ga.—The company EndoChoice has sponsored a white paper that is available for free download here. The white paper is called, "Standardizing Endoscopic Procedures," and offers the following information:

• An overview of the risks behind improper processing of GI endoscopes

• Solutions (such as compliance kits) to address poor processing protocol

• The value of standardization

Agencies, safety organizations, accreditation entities, and industry groups are putting GI-endoscopy reprocessing procedures under the microscope, demanding increased adherence to guidelines, but implementing those guidelines can be difficult. Hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) need solutions that will not burden their already-overloaded nursing staffs.

Many organizations have discovered that providing nurses with GI compliance kits helps facilitate compliance, and with ease. This paper examines the regulatory requirements and association guidelines for reprocessing, the economic efficiencies of compliance kits and the value of standardization.

To download it, click here.  

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