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MK-2866 Review

If you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for reliable information on MK-2866; Ostarine, which is one of the most popular SARMs out there right now.

GTx Pharmaceuticals developed this SARM for the purpose of treating muscle wasting conditions. In scientific circles, it’s known as MK-2866 and in bodybuilding circles, it’s well-known for its ability to maintain muscles for long periods of time.

What is MK-2866?

Ostarine, Enobosarm or MK-2866, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). What does this mean? It means that it’s designed to stimulate specific hormone receptors. It works similarly to testosterone with the only difference being that it only targets specific tissues in the bones and muscles.

  • Like most SARMs, Ostarine’s limited action mechanism makes it a safe yet effective alternative to steroids because it doesn’t come with any side effects like estrogen spikes or testosterone suppression. As such, SARMs allow bodybuilders to get clean gains and enhance their performance in a much safer and more reliable way.
  • In fact, Ostarine is a favorite among bodybuilders from all around the world. Ostarine’s mechanism of action not only makes it safer than steroids but it makes it safer than most of the other SARMs as well. Yet despite this, Ostarine and SARMs in general, have not gained the recognition needed to approve them for human use.
  • But the good news is that research is ongoing to uncover the ability of these SARMs to prevent muscle wasting and muscle loss alike. While most SARMs are considered too toxic even for research purposes, Ostarine is one of the few exceptions that are still in the running for human trials.

Data from current trials are promising enough to conclude that Ostarine might get approval for clinical use in the not too distant future. But that’ll only be possible if all goes well. Even then, Ostarine will still remain illegal for professional sports athletes to use because the World Anti-Doping Agency has already added Ostarine to the list of Prohibited S1 Anabolic Agents.

How Does It Work?

We know that the touted benefits of Ostarine sound too good to be true, which is probably why you’re seeking more information about it. Read on because we’re about to explain exactly how it works. First of all, it’s important to understand that Ostarine was created to work in a similar fashion to other anabolic steroids.

  • Keep in mind that Ostarine is categorized as a SARM which means that it has the ability to activate anabolic processes in targeted androgen adaptors to the exclusion of others. The targeted androgen receptors are then able to bond with the SARM when it reaches its destination.
  • Once the targeted androgen receptors experience a change, this shows up in the user’s gene expression as an increase in effective protein synthesis but only in some parts of the body. The effects of this synthesis become revealed in the body’s physical activity. Some of the results that you can expect include improved muscle strength and increased mass.
  • However, what really sets MK-2866 apart from other SARMs is the fact that its effect stays on long after you’ve stopped taking it. Of course, you must continue to follow a strict workout regimen and maintain a balanced diet. That way, the Ostarine will continue to work its magic of cutting fat while packing on the gains long after you’ve discontinued use.

Also, MK-2866 is unique from steroids because it works on non-muscular areas of the body as well. Remember that Ostarine was initially developed to prevent muscle wasting and other adverse physical side effects caused by taking conventional steroids.

Main Benefits of MK-2866

First of all, Ostarine is one of the safest SARMs that you can take which will provide you with improved muscle strength and size on a consistent basis. In fact, you can achieve 5 to 10 pounds worth of muscle gains within a few weeks of cycling with this SARM.

The great thing about MK-2866 is that its effects will last long after you’ve stopped taking it, granted that you stick to the same fitness and diet regimen.

Here’s what you can expect to experience when taking MK-2866:

  • Increased strength
  • Healthier Joints
  • Anabolic
  • Improved lean muscle mass
  • Improved endurance

These are some of the benefits that have made Ostarine an attractive performance enhancer for athletes like UFC fighter Amanda Ribas. Unfortunately, Ribas was suspended for two years after traces of Ostarine were found in her system during a random drug test.

Side Effects of MK-2866

It’s natural to wonder if Ostarine comes with any side effects because after all, it does sound too good to be true. Well, you’ll be glad to know that MK-2866 doesn’t come with any adverse side-effects.

  • According to data from clinical studies, Ostarine only produces two mild side effects – namely back pain and headaches. Mild suppression can also lead to lethargy in some users but recovery is usually swift after you stop cycling MK-2866.
  • These side effects usually happen when subjects take more than the recommended dose of Ostarine. For the best results, it’s recommended to not take more than 30mg per day if you want to have lean gains without any side effects.

Luckily, Ostarine is a very mild SARM so it doesn’t typically bring any negative effects. But if you’ve been taking Ostarine for a while and you are starting to experience some side effects then you should look into changing your supplier because they’re probably providing you with a below-par product.

Important Information

Due to limited research, there’s very little available information about Ostarine. MK-2866 is only available as a research chemical and can only be used on cancer patients, so the available scientific data is understandably limited.

  • But if you look at customer reviews and the actual structure of this compound, you’ll actually get an idea of what its effects are.
  • Ostarine is a non-hormonal SARM which means the body cannot metabolize it into steroid hormones. That’s why MK-2866 doesn’t come with the risk of increased estrogen levels like you’d expect with steroids. The last thing you want is your pecs to start looking like breasts or experience a weakened prostate. Luckily, none of that will happen when cycling with Ostarine.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting here that Ostarine has been shown to cause an increase in blood estradiol levels. But this is usually a mild increase and it doesn’t come with the added risk of a testosterone dip or water retention like you’d expect with a steroid. But you might still experience mild testosterone suppression when taking higher doses of this SARM.

Recommended Dosage

  • Experts recommend sticking to a moderate dose of 20 mg to 30 mg per day. This is based on the “expert” advice of anecdotal evidence and most people say that 20 mg is more than enough to achieve the desired results, whether that is cutting, bulking or both.
  • But it’s interesting to note that the most popular dose for cutting is 15 to 20 mg per day while the most popular dose for bulking is 30 mg per day.
  • Again, it’s important to note here that Ostarine is a mild SARM so that’s why it’s most effective at relatively high doses of 20 mg to 30 mg. But it’s best to stick with the recommended doses as anything above that could lead to side effects.

MK-2866 Cycles

Most people cycle Ostarine for 8 to 12 weeks. However, keep in mind that the risk of experiencing side effects will increase the longer you take this SARM.

  • It goes without saying that you need to take time off from this SARM as part of your cycling routine.
  • That means that if you take Ostarine for 8 weeks then you should take a break from it for 8 weeks as well, not counting the PCT period which should last about 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Of course, this depends on individual circumstances as well because some people prefer to create their own customized cycles. Some prefer to shorten the time off but it’s difficult to do this knowing that you’ll have to do comprehensive lab tests to see what your hormone levels are like post PCT.

If all goes well, then you might start cycling with Ostarine once again. But if the lab results come back indicating an issue in your blood then it might be a good idea to delay or stop taking the SARM altogether.

Urine Screening

There’s no denying that Ostarine’s popularity is at an all-time high among bodybuilders and athletes alike. Both camps like this SARM for its ability to enhance endurance, and build strength and muscle at the same time.

But this has also placed Ostarine on the radar of anti-doping agencies that see it as a threat to true competition. In fact, these agencies are constantly working hard to develop advanced screening tests that can detect even the tiniest amount of Ostarine in the urine.

Where Should You Buy MK-2866?

Because of its status in the anti-doping community and the lack of clinical evidence to back its effectiveness, Ostarine has been relegated to the black market. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a reliable vendor to buy it from.

We highly recommend you check out Boss Peptides, which is one of the longest standing and most reliable suppliers of SARMs including Ostarine. The great thing about Boss Peptides is that they back their product with third-party lab tests that they’ll make available to you upon request.

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