YK 11 – Can You Consider It The Most Powerful Sarms?

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YK-11 review

If you’re a member of the fitness and bodybuilding community, then you know how popular the YK-11 SARM is. Not only is it known for its ability to boost physical and mental performance, but it doesn’t come with any side effects either.

What makes YK-11 produce extraordinary results? Well, this is no ordinary SARM, and it has a unique composition and mechanism of action that makes it ideal for maximizing your results.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with all the information you need about this SARM, including YK-11 Review, effects, benefits, and potential risks.

What is YK-11?

YK-11 is a type of synthetic steroid that is designed to mimic the activity of a naturally occurring hormone called 5-α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is not only stronger than testosterone, but it’s designed to target specific androgen receptors and organs like the liver, prostate, hair, and reproductive organs.

  • Bodybuilders prefer YK-11 for its ability to fast track muscle gains without causing any adverse side effects. But YK-11 has a unique structure when compared to other SARMs. For one, its molecules share more similarities with steroids than they do with SARMs, which means it’s not precisely a non-steroidal SARM.
  • According to a cellular study, YK-11 supports the production of follistatin, a muscle building protein that also happens to be a myostatin inhibitor. This is part of what makes it so effective at increasing muscle mass so fast. Not only that but a study done on bone cells shows that YK-11 can also improve bone health by promoting bone-building proteins.
  • According to bodybuilders who’ve tried it, YK-11 is all you need to gain muscle and lose fat without suffering any side effects in the process. But there isn’t enough scientific data to comment on the safety of YK-11 at this moment.

It’s interesting to note, therefore, that the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned YK-11 along with other SARMs and steroids.

How Does It Work?

YK-11 has a similar chemical structure to a naturally occurring hormone called DHT, which means it can bind itself to androgen receptors in pretty much the same way. As a result, YK-11 contributes to prostate health, hair growth, and all other aspects of physical development in the body.

  • YK-11 is widely recognized in the bodybuilding world as one of the most potent SARMs on the market today. But it’s worth noting that this SARM can also contribute to catabolic androgenic gene activity, which means it cannot fully activate the required androgen receptors.
  • Not forgetting that myostatin inhibitor as well, which means it can significantly increase follistatin levels. This leads to the automatic repression of the myostatin hormone, which is responsible for curbing excessive muscle growth.

There’s some evidence to show that YK-11 activates the DHT pathway and a protein known as kinase B (PKB), both of which contribute to improved bone growth.

Main Benefits of YK-11

The upside of taking YK-11 is pretty clear. It’s different from other anabolic steroids in that it only affects particular cells in the body. That’s why it doesn’t come with any side effects.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to derive from YK-11.

  • For starters, this compound is known for boosting muscle growth exponentially without causing any side effects like water retention. It does this by decreasing myostatin levels while increasing follistatin levels.
  • It doesn’t come with any of the side effects you’d expect with an anabolic steroid, and yet you can easily add it to any cycle you wish.
  • It packs a two-punch that makes for full and hard muscles.
  • After all, YK-11 does more than help you build big muscles. It leans you out as well so that in the end, you’re nice and ripped. This is part of the appeal that YK-11 has for bodybuilders, but it also helps that this compound doesn’t have any of the side effects often associated with SARMs.

With that said, there have been a few reports of mild side effects in some cases.

Side Effects of YK-11

The only scientific data available on YK-11 is based on cell studies, which means there’s no clinical evidence on the compound’s possible side-effects. There have been no animal or human trials on the SARM as yet.

  • One cell study shows that YK-11 can increase follistatin levels. An increase in follistatin has associated with a corresponding increase in the risk of developing skin, prostate, stomach, and esophagus cancer. But, there’s contrary evidence to show that this can help fight breast cancer.
  • It’s also possible that YK-11 may have adverse effects on the liver because it has a similar structure to steroids that have the same effect. Plus, we know that it may affect organs like the prostate and vocal cords.

YK-11 effectsRecommended Dosage

  • While most people say that it takes 10 to 15 mg of YK-11 per day to get the desired effects, others are satisfied with a small dose of just 5 mg. The latter dosage is typically recommended for newbie users. You can cycle YK-11 safely for 4 to 8 weeks, and the highest recorded dose so far is 30 mg per day. Of course, all of the available dosage data is based on anecdotal evidence.
  • As for the compound’s half-life, it has never studied. Most people split the dose in two for better stability. Also, YK-11 is usually taken orally, but it can be administered through other means as well, including muscle injections.
  • Again, anecdotal evidence tells us that stacking YK-11 with other SARMs can be a great way to reap its benefits tenfold. Most bodybuilders recommend stacking this compound with SARMs like RAD140 and LGD 4033 at a low dose of 5 to 10 mg per day.

Stacking YK-11 with Other SARMS

YK-11 is one of the most potent SARMs on the market, so you don’t have to stack it if you don’t want to. But, those who have done it say that doing so can significantly boost its effects, especially when stacked with something like Testolone.

  • But the key to reaping these amazing results is to take both compounds in the right dosage. For the best results, start with the smallest possible dose and then take it from there. Also, don’t hesitate to speak to a bodybuilding expert or a physician to provide you with reliable advice.
  • Generally, most beginners start with a dose of 5 mg, which is enough for men. Women may need to opt for a different dose depending on their reaction to the SARM.

Who Can Use YK-11?

YK-11 is a high myostatin inhibitor which means you can use it instead of regular steroids and still get the same results. But this doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone which is why it’s recommended to always consult with a medical practitioner before you take this or any other supplement.

  • This is especially important for people who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, even though it might be helpful for individuals with genetic disorders.
  • YK-11 has been shown to help the genetically deprived to grow muscle more effectively. Of course, these results are only possible when YK-11 is taken in combination with a balanced, healthy diet and a strict exercise regimen.

Using YK-11 for Bodybuilding Purposes

Bodybuilders are always on the lookout for new SARMs because it means there’s a new way to burn fat and gain muscle faster and more effectively and without the fear of side effects. YK-11 is particularly attractive because it seems to offer the best of both worlds between SARMs and steroids. That’s why it works so great at improving muscle mass in a short time.

  • Most users report seeing a difference within 1 week, and apart from mild testosterone suppression, this compound doesn’t come with any side effect. Of course, it’s essential to keep in mind that people take different dosages of YK-11 and might stack it with other SARMs for different cycles as well.
  • Some reviewers say that YK-11 has a similar effect as other SARMs, while others are still waiting for more scientific evidence before they can make a verdict on the compound.
  • Those who’ve used it say that it’s useful in both the cutting and bulking phases due to its ability to build lean muscle mass quickly. Not only that but this SARM can harden muscles and burn fat simultaneously during the cutting phase.
  • There are a few cases of YK-11 leading to mild levels of testosterone suppression, but you can overcome this by doing a post-cycle therapy (PCT).

In a nutshell, YK-11 is excellent for anyone that wants to put on lots of muscle quickly. However, keep in mind that this is all based on anecdotal evidence, and there currently isn’t enough scientific data to show its long term effects.

Where Should You Buy YK-11?

Buy YK-11

YK-11 is sold as a research chemical and should only be purchased from reliable suppliers.

  • Be sure to do your research on a vendor before you buy from them to make sure that they have a positive reputation. There are plenty of scammers out there who’re constantly swindling inexperienced customers out of their money. Also, make sure to take the proper dosage as overdoing it can lead to undesirable side effects.

Based on research and experience, we highly recommend Boss Peptides as the most reliable supplier of YK-11 and SARMs in general. They’ve always been consistent in terms of offering high quality, tested products, and they’re still willing to provide third-party lab tests when requested.

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